Pricing, Credit Card and Payment Policy

Savage Lake Safewater Services Limited offers some of the lowest water treatment equipment prices in Nova Scotia.  We do this by keeping overhead as low as possible and using a modest cost-plus pricing program. When our suppliers offer specials or discounts, we pass those savings on to you

...our valued clients.

We do not accept any credit cards.  The added cost of service charges, interest and increased administrative expenses would cause our prices to rise.  If you have to use a credit card, get a cash advance and save the difference between our prices and our competitor's prices.

We accept personal cheques, money orders, cash and e-transfers.  All our work is "payment on delivery" and again, we do this to save you money.  You might be surprised at how much extra you have to pay so some people can get 30 or 45 day terms.  




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Metsorb Cartridge filters for Arsenic reduction in drinking water

UV Lamp Disposal Fee

Around February 2020, the Nova Scotia Department of the Environment cancelled its mercury reclamation program and subsidy. UV lamps along with florescent lamps (including CFLs) contain mercury and until program cancellation could be returned to an accredited disposal site free of charge to the end user. This is no longer the case.

On July 1st, 2020 our company and many others, will be applying a disposal fee for every UV lamp sold. Our fee will be $4.35 per UV lamp. This is not a mandated provincial or federal requirement and will therefore be taxable.

Throwing thousands of old UV and florescent lamps into the landfill will increase mercury levels in ground water and soil. We hope our clients understand that this fee will ensure harmful materials are handled properly. On June 29th, 2020 we delivered 257 used UV lamps to DanX Environmental for disposal, the following day another 230 used UV lamps were delivered to DanX by a colleague in the water treatment business.  We care about the environment and hope you do too.