Pumps in Lakes and The Sea

Safewater Services offers wet and drysuit scuba diving year round for pump installation and replacement. An experienced diver(s) will examine, pumps, weighting systems, foot valves, pipe and wire in lake and ocean installations.


Fees range from $55/hour to $150/hour depending on depths and the complexity of the dive.  Our minimum fee is $150 to start a diving project. For more information please call 902-789-8378 or email postmaster@safewaterservicesns.ca.    

Mooring/Hull inspections and Maintenance


Safewater Services offers mooring inspection and maintenance services. 


Call 902-789-8378 or email postmaster@safewaterservicesns.ca to discuss your needs and get a quote.




Year Round Scuba Services

Wet-suit or Dry Suit to 130 feet