Q: What is the "free" water test all about?

A: Most reputable water treatment companies offer free testing for aesthetic issues like Iron, Manganese, Hardness and other nuisance minerals that can damage fixtures and laundry.  Our approach to sales is low pressure. We will test the water, give you a recommendation and quote; and the rest is up to you.

Q: Can I install water treatment equipment myself?  How much money can I save?

A: Yes!! The really complicated part of the job is the water testing, system design and sizing of the treatment gear.  Most competent handy-people can install the unit(s) themselves.  Savings vary but on a small water softener, you might save $200 or more!  Of course, we also install and service this equipment.

Q: What about dangerous things like Arsenic and Bacteria?

A: We can help you with this testing but it must be done at an accredited lab and there are costs involved. Email postmaster@safewaterservicesns.ca for pricing and time-lines.


Q: I'm buying (or selling) a house; what should I do?

A: Get an on-site and lab test done well before any closing dates.  You'll need a clear water test for mortgage approval and to keep buyers happy. Call 902-789-8378 or email to schedule an on-site visit.

Q: There is Arsenic (Bacteria, Uranium, Lead etc.) in the water; should I be worried?

A: Most of these problems are easy to deal with.  Some solutions cost quite a bit and others can be very cheap do-it-yourself corrections.

Q: Do you have a retail store?

A: No.  Part of our business model is to keep overhead as low as possible so prices are also kept low. However, we do open our shop to the public by appointment.  If you need something like a new UV lamp or some filters, please call, text or email and we will make it possible for you to pick up what you need.

Q: How else do I get your products?

A: Safewater Services will install, deliver or ship what you need. We have a low-cost mail order service for small parts like filter cartridges, conditioner parts and UV lamps. We will also hand deliver softeners and other larger materials like pump systems for DIY applications. This service is free within 75kms of Halifax/Dartmouth and a small charge will be levied for deliveries to more distant locales.



Frequently asked Questions

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Q: Where can I get unbiased information about my water?

A: The Nova Scotia Department of the Environment has an excellent series of publications to help you.  Information on how to chlorinate (shock) a well and how a well are constructed along with water treatment suggestions are available an free.  Here is a link to the website. http://www.novascotia.ca/nse/water/privatewells.asp